Scientific Rationale

Lipogems® product is a microfragmented tissue that preserves the structural properties and microarchitecture of the original tissue: the scaffold (the adipose tissue and stromal structure), the cells (i.e., endothelium, pericytes, MSCs), and the growth factors (cytokines and chemokines).

why adipose tissue

Adipose tissue has many natural reparative characteristics that help to support a healing environment throughout the body.
The subcutaneous adipose tissue can in fact be easily harvested by a simple, minimally-invasive procedure (lipoaspiration) from the abdomen, the thigh, the buttocks or, generally, where it is most present.

the adipose niche

Adipose tissue contains a specialized, natural micro-environmental niche that contains adipocytes, pre-adipocytes, pericytes, mesenchymal stem cells, microvasculature and other cells incorporated into a collagen matrix. Retention of this microarchitecture is key in sustaining the normal function of the cells during tissue healing and repair.

the damage response mechanism

Today it is widely recognized that in response to local tissue injury or inflammation, the body responds in a complex set of ways aimed at controlling the micro-environment. Because adipose tissue provides not only cushioning and support of so many normal tissues in the body, but also plays a role in the biochemical homeostasis of these tissues, it is only natural to expect the involvement of adipose tissue in the normal healing response setting. To this end, retention of the cellular and tissue microarchitecture of adipose tissue is important in maximizing the impact during normal healing processes.


Lipogems® is a single-use device for the closed-loop processing of lipoaspirated adipose tissue intended for autologous use. The entire procedure takes place in a single surgical episode. Through minimal manipulation, without the use of enzymes or other additives, in a closed and aseptic system, there is a progressive reduction in the size of adipose tissue clusters and the elimination of oil and blood residues. The entire procedure takes place in complete immersion in physiological solution, thus minimizing any traumatic action on the cell products. The product thus obtained is micro-fragmented, non-expanded adipose tissue intended for autologous tissue transfer.
The absence of gross physical destruction of tissue components, or enzymatic treatment, preserves tissue integrity and renders the tissue “minimally manipulated”. After processing with the Lipogems® device, the adipose niche, i.e. the main structural and morphological adipose unit, is kept intact and vital, and protects the cellular microarchitecture. Furthermore, the reduction in the size of adipose tissue clusters improves handling and ease of transplantation.