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Lipogems®: from your body the safe and effective response to help the natural capacity to heal and repair

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Lipogems® applications

The Lipogems® system represents an alternative solution to surgery and a valuable tool in addition to traditional therapies to support the natural repair of tissues damaged by various pathologies.

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Lipogems® turns adipose tissue into a powerful reparative tool. Learn more in our video section.

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The benefits

Joint and musculoskeletal problems affect people of all ages and genders. The number of patients suffering from joint pain or tissue damage is expected to increase substantially affecting everyday quality of life.

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About us

Lipogems International Spa is an Italian biotech multinational company based in Milan. Leader in reparative medicine with the Lipogems® system for adipose tissue processing. Lipogems products have undergone rigorous clinical testing and are used globally for various conditions, helping to speed up patients’ recovery and allowing them to return to a normal life.


More than 140 peer-reviewed publications with up to 5 years follow-up.

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Professional Opinions

Lipogems collaborates with doctors, surgeons and scientific researchers to improve the quality of life of patients around the world by providing innovative technologies and advanced medical solutions. Lipogems’ commitment is reflected in the testimonials of professionals who have experienced the treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions Lipogems® Treatment

Frequently asked questions & answers on Lipogems treatment. For further information the Lipogems Team is at your disposal.

Is Lipogems procedure invasive?

The Lipogems procedure is considered a minimally invasive procedure. This means that it requires a small incision to harvest the fat, but does not require a full surgical incision. The treatment typically lasts about an hour and can be performed on an outpatient basis.

What is the recovery time for patients after treatment?

Recovery time for patients after Lipogems treatment is generally short. Most patients can return to their daily activities within a few hours or days. Time can vary depending on the condition to be treated and the amount of adipose tissue removed.

What are the advantages of Lipogems procedure?

The Lipogems procedure, characterized by a low risk of complications, proves effective in treating various conditions such as arthrosis, various types of inflammation, soft tissue lesions and wounds. This treatment offers numerous significant benefits: it helps reduce pain and inflammation, improves tissue function and promotes tissue healing.

Why fat?

Fat is used in Lipogems treatment because it contains a high concentration of mesenchymal cells that have reparative properties. In addition to this, adipose tissue also contains other growth factors and molecules that can contribute to tissue healing.

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