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Lipogems® is used to promote healing in complex and idiopathic fistulas. In particular, micro fragmented adipose tissue has proven it’s effectiveness in the management of the complications of Crohn’s Disease, called Perianal Crohn’s Disease (MPC), whose chronic inflammatory process of the tissues leads, in a third of patients, to the appearance of fistulas or abscesses. In this specific case, the infiltration of microfractured autologous adipose tissue is performed around the fistula, after having performed the surgical cleaning operation, to extinguish the inflammatory process by acting on the causes of tissue degeneration.

The Lipogems® system has proven to be a valid alternative for those patients who do not respond to standard treatments. In this area, important multicenter clinical studies are underway, in Italy and abroad.


Complex fistulas
Pilonidal fistulas
Anal fistulas

Publications in General surgery and coloproctology

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