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At the moment orthobiology is the field in which the Lipogems® system has been most used. In particular in progressive and degenerative osteoarticular pathologies, such as arthrosis, and traumatic injuries. For example, Lipogems for the knee and hip has demonstrated important benefits, both in young people and in the elderly.
In sports medicine, the use of Lipogems® micro-fragmented autologous adipose tissue helps the tendons regeneration and the functional recovery of joints subject to continuous overload and possible trauma, allowing athletes to resume sports activity even at competitive levels.

In this area, numerous scientific studies have demonstrated clear advantages, especially when Lipogems® system is used at the early stages of the pathology. The autologous adipose tissue, aspirated, micro fragmented and subsequently infiltrated into the worn joint, promotes not only its regeneration but also its functional recovery.


Articular chondral lesions of the knee, hip, shoulder and ankle

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